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Yes, It's Possible To Defeat WoW Classic's Onyxia Naked

I mean...

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Well. World of Warcraft’s Onyxia was defeated by a group of naked raiders you guys.

You can watch the fully video below, but in short. It went something like this. As reported by TheGamer.com, the historic feat went down on July 9. None of the players involved sported any gear. This means they were bereft of armor, weapons, and any other wearables like rings.

The group did utilize buffs as indicated by the video below. In fact, quite a number of buffs were leveraged in addition to several potions and the like. No doubt, this was to offset the buffs and advantages that wielding actual armor and weapons would bring to the table.

As expected, a lot of preparation was involved for this task. Reddit user zhangboyin explains,

“Paladins (or warriors for that matter) can't really generate threat in.a reasonable time without a weapon/shield (or +SP from gear), so I had the mages start the fight with a rank 1 frostbolt (minimal damage) and as soon as they hit, our pally tank could cast greater blessing of kings on the mages. This generates an insane amount of threat.”

To that end, their group had 15 mages,

“I think we had 15 mages, so it would be around 1.7k threat per cast. The timing of it was important, so the tank should've been in position before the mages cast...which is why the first dragonkin walked into the raid, because we pulled before Berit was in position!”

Further down the post, zhanboyin continues citing the constant issues with mana,

“Unbuffed and no consumes would be impossible simply because whoever is tanking (pet, paladin, bear) would not be able to survive one hit from Ony. The issues with mana are also a major problem, though potentially could be worked around with some good RNG and really smart positioning/play. Having class buffs and consumes though might be possible and people are poking me now to do it again without world buffs so we'll see!”

You can watch the heroic feat below:


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