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Yahoo Games Preview & Exclusive Movie!

Andrew Collins Posted:
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Russ Fischer of Yahoo Games recently took a look inside Sony's EverQuest II. Releasing an extensive Game Preview, in-game screenshots and an Exclusive featurette are available for your viewing pleasure!
"The most basic designs of EverQuest II have been tweaked to attract the many players who felt that the original game was simply too much to handle. Specifically, no more will players be required to find several dozen of their closest friends to clean out a dungeon or slay a dragon. Instead, EQII focuses on smaller groups, limiting party membership to six. Quests are accordingly less demanding (from a human resources standpoint), but no less epic. The idea is to create a sprawling, living world that can become a gamer's vacation spot, rather than a home away from home."

Check out the Game Preview at Yahoo Games here.

Download the exclusive featurette from Yahoo Games here.


Andrew Collins