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Xbox's Phil Spencer 'Hasn't Given Up' On Bringing Final Fantasy 14 To Xbox Consoles

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Since its release, Final Fantasy XIV has been exclusive to PlayStation platforms in the console world, but Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has stated in the past that he'd love to see the massive MMO on Microsoft's console. During last week's Tokyo Game Show, Spencer reiterated that it was still a goal.

Speaking with Japanese outlet Game Watch (via VGC), Phil Spencer reiterated his desire to see Xbox land the most popular MMORPG on the market. It's been years since we've heard overtures from Team Green on this subject, but Spencer states that he hasn't "given up" on this effort.

"Naturally, we haven't given up yet. This is a commitment from both Microsoft and Square Enix to gamers and we will continue to coordinate our efforts," Spencer told the outlet (via VGC). 

Back in 2019, Phil Spencer spoke about "bringing that game to Xbox," but has gone rather radio silent on the matter since then. Now, however, the Xbox boss reiterates those efforts, which could hopefully see more players (and potentially more server queues) come to the MMO if this finally happens. Spencer and Naoki Yoshida, FFXIV's director and producer, have had talks about bringing the MMO to Xbox over the years as well.

Back in 2019, Square Enix claimed that it was Microsoft's policies pertaining to some aspects of cross platform play that was holding this up, stating that creating guilds or even using chat across platforms was restricted, according to an interview with WCCFTech.

It'll be nothing but a good thing if more players are able to hop into one of the best MMORPGs currently on the market. However, just be prepared for the massive controller learning curve.


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