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Games Industry Reacts To Activision Blizzard  Lawsuit as Multiple Games Sites Halt Coverage Of Publisher's Games

In the wake of the sexual discrimination lawsuit filed against Activision Blizzard, multiple game press outlets have made the decision to stop covering Activision Blizzard products until meaningful steps have been taken to fix the problems listed in the lawsuit complaint.

EVE Online's CCP Games Talks Changes, Health Of MMO And More In Latest July Update Blog

EVE Online's developer CCP Games has taken to the game's blog to talk about the updates and more seen in the MMO the past, specifically reasonings and individual updates made to facets of the game in order to carry EVE Online into its third decade.

Genshin Impact Receiving Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy in 2.1

If you're a fan of Genshin Impact and Horizon Zero Dawn, well, this news might be worth your interest. It looks like Aloy, fan-favorite protagonist from Horizon Zero Dawn and the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West, is heading to Genshin Impact as part of Version 2.1.

Blizzard's J Allen Brack Addresses Lawsuit Allegations In Memo To Employees: 'I Disdain Bro Culture'

In the wake of allegations that Activision Blizzard fostered an environment that saw a "bro culture" be allowed to flourish at the company, Blizzard's president J. Allen Brack sent a memo to employees, calling the allegations "extremely troubling."

Starbase is Hitting Steam Early Access July 29

Voxel and vortex-based space MMO, Starbase, is finally set to release into Early Access next Thursday, July 29. Here are the details.

Here's What EA Announced During EA Play

EA, also known as Electronic Arts, held their E3-but-not-E3 event EA Live yesterday where a myriad announcements were...um...announced. Here's a quick roundup in case you missed it.

Swords of Legends Online Stream Shows Off First Post-Launch Raid; New Summer Event And Battle Pass Launches Today

Swords of Legends Online released officially in the West earlier this month, and the developers have already added the first of their post-launch content, bringing a summer event and its battle pass to the MMO.

World of Warcraft Players Organized A Sit-In To Protest Blizzard In Wake Of Lawsuit Allegations

Players in the World of Warcraft have organized an in-game protest in the wake of sexual discrimination allegations levied at Activision Blizzard by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. The protest, organized by role-playing guild Fence Macabre, is seeing players file into the social hub of Oribos to protest Activision Blizzard over the allegations it fostered a "frat boy culture."

It Sure Looks Like Pokémon Unite's Microtransactions are Pay to Win

It looks like Pokemon Unite's microtransactions may actually be pay to win as stat boosting items obtained with premium currency.

Dauntless Receives Thunderdeep Drask Behemoth Alongside Patch 1.7.1

There's a new behemoth arriving in Dauntless today called the Thunderdeep Drask. This new monster arrives alongside patch 1.7.1. Read on for more details.

Elsword Begins Summer Event Pre-Registration and Pre-Events

It's summertime in Elsword, and that means it's time for their summer event. Read on to find out all you need to know about the pre-events and pre-registration information.

Path of Exile Talks Item Filter and Passive Tree Ahead of Expedition

Grinding Gear Games have shared information on Item Filter and Passive Tree ahead of their 3.15 Expedition expansion. Here's what you need to know.

Elder Scrolls Online Introduces Lucilla Caprenia Ahead of Waking Flame DLC

Zenimax Online have shared some additional information on their upcoming DLC for Elder Scrolls Online, called Waking Flame. This time, the team invites you to meet Lucilla Caprenia, an Imperial Battlemage who you'll meet during the DLC this fall.

California Files Lawsuit Against Activision Blizzard, Alleging Sexual Harrassment, Unequal Pay And 'Frat Boy' Culture

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, the California Department of Fair Employment And Housing is alleging Activision Blizzard has fostered a "frat boy" culture which saw female employees contending with unequal pay, sexual harrassment and more. This filing comes after a two-year long investigation, according to Bloomberg Law.

Amazon Assures Fans New World Is 'Safe To Play' In Wake Of High End GPU Failures When Playing Beta

Earlier today we reported on a player reports that New World was potentially bricking high end Nvidia GPUs. While the issue seems more hardware-based than the game itself, Amazon did take to their forums to detail some steps players could take in order to ensure that their GPUs would remain unaffected. Now the team is assuring players in a statement on Twitter that it is entirely safe to play New World's beta.