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Shroud of the Avatar Posts Latest Live Stream Q&A Celebrating the Holidays

A tweet advertising the new Shroud of the Avatar Q&A Livestream and 'Homes for the Holiday' sale went live earlier today. In addition to the many items added to the store, including many holiday themed decorations, a login rewards program rewards complete with a Lord British 2-Handed Axe.

Final Fantasy XIV Is Announcing That A Major Announcement Is Coming In Early 2021

Today has been a day for Square Enix and its Final Fantasy XIV team. Patch 5.4 was detailed and given a launch date, but it's not the only thing the MMO developers have been working on as the studio teased a major announcement coming in early 2021.

World of Warcraft Details Its Threads Of Fate Feature For Shadowlands Players In New Post

For those playing Shadowlands but want a non-linear way to experience the expansion, Blizzard might just have what you need to get the most out of your World of Warcraft journey thanks to its Threads of Fate feature.

EverQuest's 27th Expansion Includes A $250 Version, Coming December

Daybreak has announced that the upcoming 27th (!!) expansion for EverQuest, is coming in December - and it's got a $250 version if you're game.

Blizzard Is Tweaking Scourge Invasions In WoW Classic From 2006 Version

When World of Warcraft Classic's patch 1.13.6 drops next week on December 1st, Naxxramas will open and the Scourge Invasions will kick off. However, players might recognize some differences in this version versus the original 2006 release.

Cyberpunk 2077 Details How Cross-Gen Saves Will Work On New Consoles

For those players who are starting their Cyberpunk 2077 journeys on the previous console gen and finishing once you can get your hands on a current-gen console, CDPR has detailed how cross saves will work on your platform.

Mortal Online 2 Is Aiming To Break A World Record In Next Beta Test

Mortal Online 2 is going for a world record when the upcoming beta test starts up today. The record: the "highest recorded amount of players logged in to a single, uninstanced server."

Final Fantasy XIV Previews Patch 5.4 Futures Rewritten With New Trailer

Final Fantasy XIV revealed more information about its upcoming patch, 5.4, title "Futures Rewritten." The team also dropped a new trailer today for the venerable MMORPG's next content patch.

Bless Unleashed Announces Improvements To PC Version Ahead Of Next CBT2

Bless Unleashed took to its Steam community to highlight some of the changes the team is implementing for the upcoming second closed beta test on PC.

Enad Global 7 Looks to Acquire Developer Behind Mechwarrior Online, Piranha Games Inc.

Enad Global 7 has made a few moves recently with the acquisition of not just Pranha Games Inc. but also Big Blue Bubble. The press release indicates that the acquisition agreements are meant to follow their strategy to "perform complementary acquisitions to establish a stronger industry position."

Turbulent Creates New Studio In Montreal To Create Worlds For Star Citizen

Turbulent has been tasked with creating new worlds for Cloud Imperium Games' hyper-ambitious sci-fi MMO, Star Citizen, according to a new press release. The company will create a new studio in Montreal to make this possible.

Metro Series Developers 4A Games Are Exploring Multiplayer, New Series

4A Games, the creators of the Metro franchise, are exploring multiplayer as well as a new series according to a new update from the developer.

Warframe PlayStation 5 Build Coming November 26th, PlayStation Anniversary Planned

Tennos running Warframe on PlayStation, eager to check out the MMO on their next (current) gen consoles won't have long to wait now as the PS5 build hits on November 26th.

TERA Console Crossplay Is Finally Live

For fans on console waiting eagerly for the crossplay patch for TERA, the wait is finally over as the MMO has finally patched the feature for Xbox and PlayStation players.

EVE Online Announces Tweaks Drone Aggression Coming In December

In a new forum post, CCP has announced that they are tweaking drone aggression in EVE Online, likely as a way to combat botting.