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WWI Shooter Beyond the Wire Launches Today, With a Steam Free Weekend Coming This Weekend

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Beyond The Wire, Offworld industries’ 50v50 World War I multiplayer FPS, launches today. The game is the latest official release from Offworld, and it launches ahead of a free Steam weekend.

The game has exited its Early Access phase and is now available on Steam with a 40% launch week discount off its $34.99 retail price. If this doesn't entice you, perhaps the Steam free weekend from September 2nd through September 4th might.

Beyond The Wire features 10 factions from World War I inspired by real historical powers, all taken from the period of 1914 to 1918. The factions have real historically-inspired weapons and vehicles that were based on what soldiers actually used during this era. Each faction also has their specialized gear loadouts and authentic vehicles. There are 10 maps to play on, each inspired by areas of the Western Front,  including terrain like the trenches of Ypres, forests of Meuse-Argonne, and even the Alpine slopes of the Vosges mountains. 

This is a team-based game, and what makes Beyond The Wire stand out is it's a large-scale warfare FPS. Each map will feature two 50-person teams. Each of the teams will be broken down into nine-person squads and one commander who oversees the whole battle. So you're not just lost in a sea of 50 people trying to figure out how to strategize, and the smaller group of nine is key to tactical planning. 

The maps are large and generally open, except if you're fighting in the trenches. But, the different items and gear, as well as vehicles, the ability to build reinforcements on the front line, and many more features should help you out.

Offworld says that with this launch there are 440 different items that you can unlock, with more items on the way. The customization system will reward players with clothing, cosmetic gear, and decorations that also fit the era, all earned through gameplay. 

The game launches in English, French, German, and Chinese. Find out more about Beyond the Wire here.


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