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WW2 MMO Foxhole Is Leaving Early Access, Launching 1.0 On September 28th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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World War 2-themed MMO, Foxhole, is launching out of early access later this month, seeing its 1.0 patch hit on September 28th. This logistics-based MMO is bringing with it overhauled logistics, new weapons and transportation systems to support the frontline.

Foxhole has been in early access since 2017, bringing World War 2 to thousands of players in a persistent, shared world. Every single soldier on the battlefield is a player, and they work together to shape the outcome of the war on their side. From weapon manufacturing to planning the transportation routes of supplies to the players on the frontline, Foxhole aims to bring the tactical overview of war to the simulation. 

To that end, Foxhole's 1.0 update, called Inferno, brings with it changes to the logistics simulation, with the addition of a train system that will see players design and lay down large scale rail networks to connect the front lines with the supply lines in the rear. Managing these trains and railways will impact not just the flow of goods to the soldiers, but also a more finely tuned outfit on one side can turn the tide of battle against a poorly planned enemy. 

Players will also need to build industrial facilities which Foxhole's developer Siegecamp states will be turned into "mass production centers or shipping ports," which will be instrumental in managing the logistics of the war. 

"Players will also be tasked with constructing and managing industrial facilities that can be developed into mass production centers or shipping ports servicing hundreds of logistics players every day. Maintaining efficiency will require the careful management of power grids, oil pipelines, and mining. Operations can be further scaled up through buildable infrastructure like docks, cranes, concrete foundations, and minecarts."

To that end, though, new weapons can be sent out onto the battlefield in 1.0, including flame tanks, incendiary rockets, and more. 

You can check out more about the 1.0 update in a developer live stream which we've embedded below. Foxhole 1.0 releases on September 28th on Steam.


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