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Wurm Onlines Steam Launch Now Playable, Yet Still Squirming

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Steven Weber Posted:
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Wurm Online has had what some would describe as a tumultuous launch on Steam. As servers aimed to go live with a bang on July 24th, players were met with a wriggle of frustration as errors prevented players from getting into the game.

Fortunately for fans of Wurm Online, Code Club AB wasn’t simply taking a dirt nap, they were on point implementing fixes and getting the game as playable as possible. In a series of tweets that encompassed their weekend feed, Code Club AB made some solid progress.

On July 24th, which was launch day, they were able to get a stable tutorial server up and going. The issue as explained by the developers were encountered because:

” The tutorial server also handles player transfers, logins, and other vital connections, which meant the attempts to log in were hitting the login server twice as hard as it had to handle more connections per person. Thanks to the hard work of our server dev, we have split the tutorial from the existing login server to a new, dedicated tutorial server, called Haven.This addition will mean faster logins and transfers, and the hardware for the tutorial server can focus on players going through the tutorial alone.”

As the launch continued a new server rolled out to contend with what the developers postulate as an overwhelming response from players hoping to get in and explore Wurm Online. The three servers Harmony, Defiance and Melody were up and rolling, open to all players as of July 26th. The fixes did not stop there either, as many players complained on reddit of low FPS and stability issues, Code Club AB released a patch July 27th aimed at combatting just that.

The patch notes are listed as:

  • Large optimizations to server lag:
  • We have identified multiple causes of the lag, including a major one for the freeze spikes visible at high player counts, and some minor general lag issues.
  • We will continue to monitor and tweak the situation
  • Change: Trade chat between Harmony and Melody should now be separate from the Southern Freedom Isles
  • Bugfix: Tents can no longer be thrown
  • Bugfix: Tents may now be placed in a village by a citizen of that village
  • Bugfix: Fixed world portal incorrectly mentioning Melody as a test server

As we continue to await more details on how these patches have affected the performance of Wurm Online, the developers have shown that they are committed to working towards an experience worth wiggling about. If you’re interested in Wurm Online, you can learn more with the official Steam Launch video. We will continue providing information as more becomes available.


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