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Wurm Online's Combat Overhaul Testing Available Now

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The long-awaited overhaul to combat is finally available for testing in Wurm Online. Here are the details.

This update separates defensive and attack stances in addition to revamping special moves. Visual feedback has also increased so it’s easier to follow along without resorting to read the combat log. The team also cites their desire to not overload players with information. They’re communicating less relevant information now with sound effects and other cues.

If you want to access this new test update, select “Choose Client” shortcut in the launcher, and then select “Test Preview.” Once you’re in, look for a GM board in town which will transport you to an area with spawning creatures for you to test out the combat.

Some high level general combat changes include:

  • Separated defensive stances from attack stances
  • Defending the direction a creature attacks is key to winning the fight
  • Defending any of the adjacent directions will defend against diagonal attacks (for example, defending either top or left to defend against an upper-left attack will be effective)

Check out the full changelog and more details here.


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