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Wurm Online Receives New Loyalty System, Removal of Player Gods, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Wurm Online has posted a new update outlining several new additions like a new loyalty system and more.

The new loyalty system specifically is based on a point system which can be used to redeem tokens:

  • 1000 point - 15 days premium
  • 1500 points - referrals
  • 3000 points - token
  • 4500 points - shop (per month purchased)

Additionally, third person perspective is coming to the game, which was shown off in late 2019. Sleep bonuses will be capped by one hour. Perhaps most significantly, player gods will be removed entirely after the team spent time balancing the pros and cons,

“With Libila now a PvE god as well all spells are available and balance is much easier to work across four known sets. We also are able to bring back more flavour for the original deities and followers. This means that existing priests of player gods will be converted to their template deity with the option of a free faith swap to any template deity. Alongside this we’ll be boosting template specific favour options and adjusting favour from chopped vegetables. Although popular we would like to bring more options and variety to the choice of favour, encouraging the use of more template specific favour options vs thousands of chopped vegetables. We’ll have the exact numbers in the patch notes for the launch.”

You can check out the full update here.


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