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Wurm Online Receives Major Animal Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The long-awaited Animal Update for Wurm Online has finally arrived. Look forward to tons of new additions like new animals, new items, behavior changes, and much more. Here’s the lowdown.

First up, donkeys and mules have been added and are meant to be solid F2P mounts which means you won’t need a 20+ skill to ride them. While donkeys can be bred, mules can’t be bred between themselves. A new animal feeding system was also added including a new farm tile, Hay Drying.

New items include the pitchfork, hay, hay bundle (thatching), and hay stack (thatching). Animal behavior changes now mean animals will eat out of containers, travelling will be animated, and any hitched animal will prioritize their trough for eating.

Tons of new traits and vehicle changes were also included. Bug fixes were aplenty as well. Here are a selection of bugfixes included in the full patch notes:

  • Bugfix: Fixed some singular/plural errors on event message when harvesting
  • Bugfix: Fixed a pluralization for event message when dropping Apples
  • Bugfix: Lag on Golden Valley should now be fixed
  • Bugfix: Locate Soul spell should no longer cause server lag when being cast
  • Bugfix: Players can no longer cast Summon Soul on themselves
  • Bugfix: Prevented planting of items on another player’s deed without having permissions set
  • Bugfix: Removed an extra space in event message when triggering pole traps

Wurm Online client changes were also touched on which include an in-game Wurmpedia window. Do note, however, this window is not compatible with macOS at this time. Wurm Online continues to receive updates overhauling and outright changing several systems. For instance, an update earlier this year brought combat changes following extensive testing.


Poorna Shankar