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Wurm Online Patch Brings Several PvP Changes

Plus bug fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Several PvP changes were outlined in a recent Wurm Online patch. Here are some highlights.

The PvP changes touch on a numerous items. For example, weapons, armor, toolbelts, and horse gear will see a quality increase to 75 faster when you improve them. this is meant to speed up gearing groups for PvP after you lose. This is for Defiance only. Other changes touch on Roaming Depo for Defiance only:

  • Same spawn rules as battle camps.
  • Will announce when it spawns on twitter/event tab.
  • Will first spawn with no indication of where it is, after 5 hours of not being claimed it will give off the effect from the old depo to better help locate it.
  • You claim the loot with a 5 minute action on the depo, after which the depo will vanish until it respawns again.
  • Spawns 26 hours after the last one vanishes.

The changes also include upgraded chest loot for Elevation and Defiance, Hota changes for Elevation, Defiance, and Chaos. A bunch of PvP bug fixes were outlined as well including:

  • Graves no longer sink on water.
  • Recall corpse now has a 15 min cooldown after death for defiance.
  • Legendary creatures on defiance now drop 3 res stones in replacement of tomes.
  • Barding speed reduction made more consistent.
  • PvP Bugfix: BattleCamps can no longer spawn on cave openings or mine doors.


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