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Wurm Online Brings Changes to Altered Prayer Skill

Plus bug fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Recent patch notes for Wurm Online have brought several bugfixes along with changes to the Altered Prayer skill.

These changes allow the skill gain to be much faster and more reliable, so hopefully this reduces some frustration. Keep in mind, the change will only affect skill gain. This means that the chances of receiving gems and gaining Faith haven’t been changed. Altar quality won’t be a factor in skill gain any more. Some other changes include Higher Faith increasing the chances of gaining Prayer skill. Finally, prayer actions from skill will provide more skill.

Bug fixes were also outlined. Some of these fixes include:

  • Bugfix: You are no longer able to use a Charm Rune, Rebirth, Summon Skeleton, Summon Worg, Summon Wraith, or use the Charm of Fo when you have a caged pet.
  • Bugfix: Can only seal/unseal liquid containers if you can currently pick up the item on a settlement or it is already in a players inventory
  • Bugfix: Fixed the issue preventing embarking vehicles when they are on a bridge
  • Bugfix: Fixed Traitor missions being removed before properly finishing the mission
  • Bugfix: Horses should now retain their position when hitched on vehicles


Poorna Shankar