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WoW's Dragonflight Alpha Moves On To The Waking Shores, Tests Dragonriding Talent Tree

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The latest build of the ongoing Dragonflight alpha sees players moving onto a new zone, the Waking Shores, as well as testing more aspects of the upcoming Dragonriding mechanic.

The current World of Warcraft Dragonflight alpha sees players diving into the talent tree of Dragonriding, as well as checking out the new advanced turning features which Blizzard hopes will make the dragon mounts feel "more weighty." The notes, which were posted to the forums yesterday (via MMO-Champion) detail not only the changes coming to Dragonriding with this new update to the alpha, but also talent changes coming to Mages and Paladins, professions and more.

Dragonriders will also be able to reduce camera motion while flying their drakes, in an effort to potentially curb some motion sickness some players might experience while riding. Riding is also getting physics-based collision as running into walls and other items will slow your speeds, basing it off of angle and how long you were hitting the obstacle. 

Additionally, the World of Warcraft alpha is taking players to The Waking Shores, a new area in the Dragon Isles, as well as a new dungeon for groups to take for a spin: the Ruby Life Pools.

The MMO developer posted a short video on Twitter giving a glimpse of the new Waking Shores zone, calling it "wild, untamed, and brimming with elemental magic."

Mages and Paladins will have plenty to play with as well during this alpha phase as Blizzard is tweaking their talent trees in the WoW alpha. For Mages, Blizzard explains that the changes are designed to make it so they "aren't limited to their primary school of magic, and with enough commitment, they are capable of harnessing powerful abilities from a variety of different magic sources at once." Paladins, meanwhile, are meant to "embrace the class' knight heritage," and as such will have access to new Class, Protection, and Retribution talent trees to try out.

You can check out the full post on the official forums. Last week, Blizzard took a look at the new Dracthyr Evoker class coming with Dragonflight this year, as well as the new class' starter zone, The Forbidden Reach. Also, if you're wondering how the Dragonflight alpha is shaping up, check out our thoughts on World of Warcraft's ongoing alpha.


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