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WoW Update Details Events, New Changes, and 9.1.5 Changes

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The World of Warcraft team has shared a list of updates and events for both current development and some changes and content for Classic. It's a packed list with a variety for everyone.

Starting today at 3PM PDT, two raids go live worldwide for Burning Crusade Classic. Serpentshrine Cavern, where you can take on the quest to defeat Lady Vashj in the watery depths, and The Eye, where you can end the terror of Kael’thas Sunstrider. Classic also sees the beginning of Arena season 2 today too. Finally, the Overlords of Outland update is coming to Burning Crusade Classic worldwide as of 3PM PDT tomorrow, September 16th.

As for development on 9.1.5, there have been some changes on the PTR. Among them are an increased drop rate for Shards of Domination and increased rewards of Soul Cinders for several key challenges in the Maw. A Gateway Control Shard is now available in the Hall of Curiosities, which lets you activate the nearest Demonic Gateway.

Joining some of Blizzard's other changes that have been a move towards increased flexibility and making things easier for new characters to jump in, a player who has reached 80 Renown can now buy a Broker Mark of Distinction for gold. When it's used on an alternate character with less than 40 Renown, that character will instantly be at 40. In Torghast, Tower of the Damned, the caps on earning Soul Ash and Soul Cinders have been removed. You can take on the challenges repeatedly and not suffer reductions in your rewards.

Shadowlands also gets some love with some events this week. The PvP Brawl Temple of Hotmogu is available and there is a World Quest Bonus event. Starting on Friday, September 17th, the Harvest Festival begins, Pirate's Day comes around on the 19th, and Brewfest starts in Azeroth on September 20th.

For more and the official rundown on all of the tweaks and changes in building 9.1.5, the events, new rewards, and ongoing development, head over to the development post


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