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WoW Shadowlands Alpha Build 34972 Datamine Reveals Info on Customization, Dungeons, More

Plus a video of a WIP cutscene

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent datamine for World of Warcraft Shadowlands has revealed some addition information regarding customization, dungeons, and more.

According to Wowhead, some details regarding story and zones were shared as well. This includes Spire of Ascension, which is a dungeon in Bastion for testing. Additionally, a new starter zone for Horde is said to be open for testing as well. Finally, a cutscene of Bolvar entering Oribos is set to be included. You can actually check out the Work In Progress cutscene below:

Regarding customization,  more customization options were shared for Goblin piercing and ear customizations, Blood Elf silver and gold jewelry, Female Gnome earrings, Male Orc hair, beards, and piercings, Male Draenei headdress colors, Femal Drenei jewelry color, and updates to the dressing room.

Dungeons and raids were touched on as well. Specifically, it looks like tweaks to the Tyrannical Mythic+ affix have been introduced. To that end, boss health will be increased during the affix. Additionally, bosses in Castle Natrhia will undergo some changes.

In case you missed it, you can check out another datamine which covers off Demon Hunters, legendaries, and Soulbinds.


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