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WoW Season of Mastery PTR Update Includes Helpful Naxxramas Tweaks, and General Changes

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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World of Warcraft Season of Mastery continues, and a series of hotfixes are already up on the PTR, with Naxxramas changes a highlight.

With Season of Mastery, the idea has been of course to provide a fresh start, concentrated and sometimes a little different, more challenging version to play through over the course of a year. 

Naxxramas is, of course, an awaited arrival, and there are some changes here too. Deathstones will be pushed to a player's inventory without the need to be looted first, so you'll have to be sure that you have room in your inventory already, or at least a partial stack. Books of Deathstones, which have been renamed, will now drop as multiple copies in most cases, and if you get a book and complete its quest, you shouldn’t see that one drop again. Effectively, this should get the books in more players' hands quickly, but as you complete the quests, the drops should thin out. Additional changes like tooltips and icons are also updated.

Rune of Fortune also gets some adjustments that should help you gear up more efficiently. When a boss drops bonus loot, it won't be random anymore but instead will be guaranteed a piece of gear for each stack of Rune of Fortune. 

Overall, Season of Mastery fixes are also coming to live much sooner, since these aren’t tied to Naxxramas. Those fixes affect things like increasing Elementium Ore drops from Blackwing Technicians. Crafting Goblin Sapper Charges will proc additional crafts at a 100% chance of one extra and 20% to get 2+ additional. These changes, along with increasing drops of Bindings of the Windseeker to a comparable level to Burning Crusade Warglaive rates, are all helpful ones.

You can read the hotfix notes here. All of it has been pushed to the PTR for testing, including the Naxxramas content and changes. 


Christina Gonzalez

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