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WoW Season of Mastery Launches on November 16th, With Early Character Creation Coming

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World of Warcraft Classic's new Season of Mastery will launch on November 16th. Similar to the original release of WoW Classic, early character creation will open a few days earlier, on November 11th. 

Season of Mastery will officially go live on November 16 at 3 PM Pacific time, beginning what is intended as a new clean slate for Classic that will let you take on familiar challenges in a new way, all with an accelerated progression and release schedule.

The mode has been in beta for weeks now, and the team has gotten some important feedback both about the content and the level of difficulty. Most recently, their suspicion that players would be too good to be sufficiently challenged by some of the raid content was confirmed. Clearly, with a solid launch date in mind, they feel like they’re on the right track there.

On November 11th, you’ll be able to start logging into Classic at 6pm Pacific time to pick a realm and a name to create just one character to take with you into the launch. After it goes live, you’ll be able to create other characters, but this will get a number of people started and ready to get into the action faster. Once the mode is live you’ll now be able to have up to 50 characters on each game (WoW Classic, Burning Crusade Classic, and World of Warcraft / Shadowlands). If you participated in the Season of Mastery beta, that character and all details will be wiped, so you’ll have to recreate it if you want to use it in the live.

Meanwhile, in the latest round of the beta, which you can still join, the devs are working to find the sweet spot of difficulty. Onyxia's Lair and Molten Core have boosted encounters. The PvP Honor System is also seeing adjustments to fit the accelerated content intent of the mode.

For more on the release, see this official announcement on the WoW site.


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