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WoW Prepping Changes to Make Mists of Pandaria Remix Level 70 More Rewarding

Sam Plaisance Updated: Posted:
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Blizzard has announced that they will be revamping the rewards given to players who reach level 70 in the World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Remix event. 

Mists of Pandaria Remix is a 95-day event that began last week, and though it appeared to be fun and quirky at first, it seems that the vanity has been lifted from players' eyes. The “quick leveling” that was promised is not that quick, according to those on the Forums, as well as the ability to gather gear in order to do the higher-level content. 

According to one player on the Forums known as Shocckington, the balance and scaling are extremely out of whack, and having played this myself, I 100% can agree with that statement. One of the issues brought up in this thread is the way you have to get gear. Gear can drop from Dungeons, Raids, and Scenarios, but it is very few and far between. 

The dungeons, raids, and scenarios drop more gems and threads than they do gear, meaning in order to get better gear to avoid being one-shot by mobs in the dungeons that are currently scaled improperly, you will need to grind the questline. This makes things tedious, as you can’t start a fresh alt and be ready to go in dungeons unless you enjoy being burnt down to zero health almost instantly. Every character basically starts at square one like retail, according to the original poster, and it has even gotten people kicked from raids for not having the “required” gear. 

Apparently, Blizzard has heard the relentless cries of the players and has decided to do something about it. In a recent Tweet, they posted

“Timerunners, We hear you! The team is currently focused on making level 70 gameplay more rewarding. More details to come soon."

The comments are a mixed bag, some are excited to see what changes await and others are more focused on giving them more things to fix. One of the repeat complaints in the comments is the cost of items compared to how many Coins you collect as you play through the event. Another issue is bugs that stop players from completing the main questline. 

While Blizzard did not release any form of details on what exactly this could mean, or what will be added, hopefully, they fix the scaling issues as well as the level 70 rewards. 


Sam Plaisance