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WoW Dragonflight Previews The Forbidden Reach, The Dracthyr Starter Zone Coming With The Expansion

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Dracthyr players need a home to call their own, and Blizzard has detailed the starting area those taking on the new race will find themselves in Dragonflight. Called The Forbidden Reach, the new starter zone was shown off a bit as World of Warcraft continues its push towards its next expansion launch.

The Forbidden Reach has "descended into a broken and deserted landscape," according to Blizzard, though with Dragonflight things have begun to stir.

"The Forbidden Reach, once the secret training grounds of the black dragonflight, has descended into a broken and deserted landscape, lost to the ravages of time. Those few dragons who remember the island know that it is taboo to visit, a place where something dreadful fell. Those who have braved the shores found little of consequence in this cauldron-like caldera apart from a shattered landscape and nature-claimed ruins half buried by magma."

The post shows that the Dracthyr themselves have been put into a sort of magical stasis deep beneath the temples of The Forbidden Reach, and as the Dragon Isles begin to wake, so too the Dracthyr themselves. However, the once majestic temples have been reclaimed by nature itself as the isles lie dormant, which explains the dangers that the Dracthyr will encounter upon awakening. 

World of Warcraft Dragonflight alpha players can actually check out the Dracthyr zone in the current build as Blizzard swapped it for last week's look at the Azure Span. Robin took a look at the ongoing alpha last week and gave us some thoughts on how Dragonflight is shaping up thus far

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