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WoW Dev Responds to Community Questions on Dragonflight PvP Concerns

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When it comes to bridging the World of Warcraft community and the devs, the WoW Community Council plays this important role. This week, council member Worldpvp, asked some questions about PvP in the upcoming Dragonflight expansion, and now we have some clarification from the dev team.

With the talent trees, the question came as to whether interrupt will be there and force players to lose a point because of it, or whether there will be filler coming at the loss of depth in passives.

Developer Desvin noted that the team understands concerns over something as integral as the talent tree and where that will place them, but there’s little they can share just yet. “But players will receive 1 talent point for each level between level 10 and 60, 26 class points and 25 spec points for a total of 51 points.” 

Desvin also notes the importance of playtesting so they’re working to get that in place as quickly as possible so they can iterate. When it comes to PvP talents, the system will exist as it currently does, where talents will remain available for warmode and instances, but the new talent system will have some impact. 

Ranked Solo Shuffle came up, and there will be a rated version in 10.0. It will work the same as the brawl, but the team is still at work on rewards. Desvin adds that “we want it to have it’s own prestigious reward, although players will certainly be able to attain Elite gear”.

With potential changes, there’s always concern. Worldpvp also expressed some disappointment with the lack of a spotlight for PvP in the announcement. Yet, with such a big announcement, it does make sense to go more slowly and in-depth, which is some of what the responses point to, ultimately.

Dragonflight has no expected release window just yet, so all of these should get clearer once we see the turn into the testing phase. 


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