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WoW Classic's 'The Fresh Crusade' Has Launched

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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World of Warcraft Classic’s “The Fresh Crusade” server has officially opened for business.

If you’re unfamiliar, this is effectively a community-run initiative to create a fresh start of sorts in WoW Classic. We had previously reported that they were counting around 7000 players ready for the launch. Launch day has now arrived and the team have released some additional information on their Discord.

The post notes that they had originally anticipated roughly 2000 players to participate. However, interest continued to grow. They have a pretty positive outlook on the growth and longevity of this project.

There’s also a short FAQ they published answering why they chose Dragonfang over Judgement. They cite population and economy as the primary driving factors. They note,

“We’ve hit 9500 people as of now, and this isn’t too different between Judgement vs Dragonfang, but we firmly believe that with the amount of people we have, even if 10% remained (which I believe is pessimistic and will be closer to at least 30%) then we will be here for the long term. And based on that, why not go for the empty realm with a lower threat of 60 players?”

Header image via The Fresh Crusade Discord


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