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WoW Classic World First Ragnaros and Onyxia Kills Confirmed

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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While World of Warcraft Classic isn't treading any new water with its content, one thing it has brought back are the classic drives to become the first guild to take down a boss on the servers. While this drive still exists in Modern WoW, Classic World of Warcraft was defined by many through the race to world first. 

World of Warcraft Classic now has its first confirmed take downs of Ragnaros and Onyxia, two of early WoW's harder bosses from its early raids. Via MMO Champion, APES on the European Gehennas server has taken down the two bosses only a week into Classic's life. Back when WoW first launched, guilds would keep their strategies for beating these bosses a secret, using it as a badge of honor if your guild could take down one of the end game bosses but another couldn't. With all the information available now, it's not shocking this happened, but still exciting for those who love to celebrate world firsts.

You can check out the gameplay in the Twitch clips below.


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