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WoW Classic World First Includes 40 Paladins Clearing Classic Molten Core on Live Servers

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a world-first on live servers for the same realm, it looks like 40 Paladins from the Sulfuron-EU realm have cleared Molten Core in WoW Classic.

Note that this is the world first for live servers. This was done in PTR with 40 Paladins on Ahn'Qiraj PTR. And according to Wowhead, a group of Korean players actually performed the same clear on live servers the next day.

Actually getting the group together was reportedly difficult because of low population. However, once all was said and done, the raid included 13 Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros, 5 Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood, 2 Bonereaver's Edge, and 1 Dark Edge of Insanity.

Of course, the raid was recorded and documented, and was done so from the vantage point of several different people. For example, this footage below from Max arrives on YouTube and shows the vantage point for the Unity guild.

One of the players going by Paloufdeouf from the Random Access Memories guild wrote,

“The healers did an amazing job throughout the raid. As much as Paladins are outstanding single target healers, they are not as good at healing many people at once, so it was necessary that everyone was doing their best to minimize damage. We had some ninja aggro on the bridge behind Golemagg that would have wiped us, and some people even called for the wipe on voice, but our healers just barely managed to absorb the initial shock and sustain everyone until the mobs were dead. Tanks had a fairly easy time maintaining threat on single target due to Greater Blessing of Kings spam, but they had to coordinate properly on boss with adds to avoid the chaos of constantly ripping threat off of one another.”


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