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WoW Classic Questionnaire Points to Potentially Separating Burning Crusade from Fresh Start Servers


Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A WoW Classic questionnaire sent to several players pointed a potential separation from Burning Crusade and Fresh Start Servers.

As observed by Wowhead, a few questions point to this possible separation. Some questions include:

  • How interested are you in a Classic version of The Burning Crusade?
  • How likely are you to play a “Classic” version of The Burning Crusade?
  • If World of Warcraft introduced a new WoW Classic fresh start realm where the game is as it was on Day 1 (e.g. all players start at Level 1, Molten Core and Onyxia are the only raids available, battlegrounds are not yet available, etc.) and content unlocks/progresses over time, how interested would you be in playing on that realm?

The questionnaire also touches on Classic activities, third party tools and websites, and player behavior. Well, sound off with your opinion below. What are your thoughts on these questions?


Poorna Shankar

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