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WoW Classic Overlords of Outland is Live With Raids & Looking for Group Tool

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Some new ways to have fun in WoW Burning Crusade Classic, with the release of Overlords of Outland. The update brings some new raids, opens arena season 2, adds some quests, and even adds the much needed Looking for Group Tool.

When it comes to World of Warcraft, classic raiding and adventures were what the game was built on, so updates like this one should keep things flowing, especially as season 2 opens up. 

The Arena opening up season 2 brings the fight to your faction's enemies. If you're among the victorious, you'll earn Arena Points to exchange for better gear. Keep progressing and advancing, and you have a chance at even better gear and a prized Gladiator mount. Raiding, however, is a big part of this update and with good reason.

First up, you'll have access to Serpentshrine Cavern where you can take on Lady Vashj. This level 70 raid features six raid bosses to strategically conquer - Hydross the Unstable, The Lurker Below, Leotheras the Blind, Fathom-Lord Karathres, Morogrim Tidewalker, and Lady Vashj herself. If you can get through these watery perils of the caverns and claim victory, loot and bragging rights will, of course, be yours. The second added raid is The Eye, where you'll take on 4 raid bosses,, the minions of and leader Kael'thas Sunstrider all within the towering crystal fortress. 

There are new daily quests in Outland too, for those who want to advance by earning favor with local factions. Other additions include guild banks, which are a much-needed option, and the looking for group tool. While guilds and outside platforms make it possible to find groups, the LFG tool is also a classic and should make all these battles easier to find companions to fight alongside with.

You can view the entire update over on the World of Warcraft site.


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