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WoW Classic drives a huge jump in subscribers According to SuperData

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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According to research firm, SuperData, WoW Classic was a major factor in boosting World of Warcraft subscriptions in August.

“WoW Classic drives a huge jump in subscribers. World of Warcraft subscription revenue grew an estimated 223% in August compared to July. Despite this, total revenue was still lower than the Battle for Azeroth expansion last August.”

In worldwide rankings for August, World of Warcraft (west) ranked third behind League of Legends and Dungeon Fighter Online for Top Grossing PC Titles.

In our review, Robin had this to say on WoW Classic,

“Overall World of Warcraft Classic is a solid effort and a ton of fun. Like I mentioned previously, I never wanted to bring back Vanilla and yes, there are some things which have been annoying me. Like having to face my target when I Moonfire or clicking on a quest item out in the world, but someone else clicks first and gets it. I’m not sure how long I will keep with Classic, but right now I am having fun and only logging onto retail for raid nights, which says a lot.”


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