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WoW Burning Crusade Classic The Black Temple and The Battle for Mount Hyjal Unlocking on Thursday

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 After announcing that World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic would be introducing the Black Temple, now we have a release date and time. Both of these raids, The Black Temple and The Battle for Mount Hyjal will be unlocking on Thursday at 3 p.m. Pacific time.  

Blizzard's Terran Gregory, WoW’s Lead Cinematic Narrative Designer is featured in a brand new video walking us through the original Black Temple trailer. Gregory recounts his own history as an active World of Warcraft player who made  a video that did so well in a BlizzCon contest that he was eventually hired to work on the video team. One of his first projects was the trailer for The Black Temple.

The 8-minute video in the Building Azeroth series is a big memory trip, showing the behind the scenes creative process of what was a process working with bare resources that involved reusing existing assets and having players effectively serve to roleplay to provide footage for use in the trailer. He also talks about how what we can hardly imagine now, Blizzard having a small budget and few tools for this kind of video promo, but things like having to tape cellophane to use as a guide to figure out how to use existing footage of Illidan was just one example of making the whole thing work.

There’s a whole lot more behind the scenes secrets in Gregory’s telling, and it’s right on time for everyone to experience The Black Temple again when it unlocks this week along with Mount Hyjal. 

Both raids will unlock for level 70 + on Thursday, but each one will require completion of an attunement quest once per character. If you can't wait to enter the raids you can already complete the attunement process required once per character before you can enter the raids. 

For complete details, head over here World of Warcraft to read the attunement process and all the rest of the week’s unlocks.


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