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Would You Pay $60,000 for a Virtual Mount? No? Well, Someone in Ragnarok M Did

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There's always a lot of talk about virtual item prices, but today's news takes the cake. It appears that someone in Ragnarok M, the mobile version of Ragnarok Online, has forked over about $60,000....yes, you read that right...for a virtual mount called the Key of Heaven. The player-to-player exchange came via the Ragnarok M auction house and involved premium currency called Big Cat Coins. These can be purchased for real world currency at the rate of 6 BCC per $1.

The Key of Heaven mount sold on the player auction house for 360,000 BCC. Doing the math reveals the $60,000 price tag. According to GamingPH.com, a pair of bidders spent the final moments of the auction ramping up the price. Ultimately, an Indonesian player named MambaaElChap took home the virtual prize.

Other astonishingly priced items that sold on the player-to-player auction house while keeping in mind the $1 = 6 BCC exchange rate include:

  • Golden Thief Bug Card (110,956 BCC) ~$18,500
  • Moonlight Flower Card (92,880 BCC) ~$15,500
  • Eddga Card (82,861 BCC) ~$13,800
  • Kobold Leader Card (69,896 BCC) ~$11,650

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Suzie Ford

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