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Worn Armor and Design Notes for Several Locations Anchor Latest News

Catherine Daro Posted:
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The latest Shroud of the Avatar newsletter has been published, this time packed with design notes for several locations in the game including Eastmarch, Penmawr Island and Tenebris Harbor. In addition, players first starting out will begin to see worn armor dropped that fits the theme of "just starting out".

Because this map is fairly large, I decided to go with a split biome to make the area feel more diverse. The lowlands have patches of deciduous aspen forests, while the upper areas are home to more coniferous plants. The town’s main virtue theme is humility, which is represented by a shepherds crook, and I wanted to reinforce this theme, so the scene overall is a lot more open now rather than densely forested. You may come across a few grazing animals here and there.

The newsletter is also filled with notes about community updates, events, livestream news and schedule and items on sale in the game's shop.

Read the full letter on the Shroud of the Avatar site.


Catherine Daro