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World War 3 Updated with New Maps & the US Expeditionary Corps.

Suzie Ford Updated: Dec 21, 2018 3:10 PM Posted: Dec 21, 2018 3:05 PM
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World War 3 has received a big new update just in time for vacation-time gameplay. The update includes new maps called prototype Smolensk and TDM Berlin. In addition, players will find a new battle tank, battle rifle, the USMC uniform, USMC camouflages, new weapon / vehicle skins and a host of improvements on the technical side.

This one is a biggie! There's a lot of good stuff in 0.3 and we've successfully completed everything we've commited to on the Development Roadmap! More than that, we've actually added some things that were not planned for 0.3, like Berlin TDM map (which was scheduled for 0.4) and item previewin the menu (which was planned for Customization 2.0).

There's a new main battle tank, new weapon, two new maps (one of which is a prototype), new uniform, new cosmetics and attachments many more.

We've also optimized RAM usage and loading times greatly, reducing RAM usage by over 50% and loading times by more than 60%. This also fixed map joining problems related to network timeout on computers with slow HDDs. Apart from RAM and loading improvements, the game also freezes less and has better texture quality (thanks to more space in RAM for them).

We'd like to thank everyone that took part in Public Test Environment testing with us, reported bugs and gave us feedback. We're listening to all of it and make changes accordingly. To prove

Read the full patch notes on the World War 3 site.

World War 3 is in Steam Early Access and is sporting a 20% discount to bring its price to $22.40. 


Suzie Ford

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