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World War 3 Early Access Carpet Bombed By Technical Issues

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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World War 3 entered early access last Friday with the game's server infrastructure falling first victim. While EA began on Friday, players reported an inability to connect to servers that day, though many were able to on Saturday after a flurry of patches stabilized servers somewhat, though still leaving many out of combat. The Farm 51 has only stated that there are "connectivity issues" but that it is working to squash bugs and get things stabilized for the majority of players.

Soldiers! As hard as it is we’ve gotta stay true to our creed of total honesty towards you. We’ve done every imaginable thing we could to release World War 3 on time. Watching you stream and enjoy our game we’re taking great pride in what we managed to do so far, but with every gram of pride there comes a tonne of responsibility. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to crush every bug you reported, to iron out every single wrinkle on the canvas of our game - all that to satisfy you and make our game stand out from the early access crowd as a polished, well-cared for and properly managed title. Unfortunately our ranks are thin. Despite our dedication and resolve some technical issues prevent us from delivering what we want you to experience. That’s why those few additional time of our work are going to be crucial for the project and - most importantly - for you guys. That’s why we ask you to hear our rallying cry and stay by our side! We’ll not let you down since World War 3 is being made for both - us and you alike. We need this additional time to make sure we’ll give you your money’s worth and be able to look you in the eye and say „Enjoy the game” with no hesitation whatsoever. Thank you for understanding and see you on the field!

You can check out the community reaction on the World War 3 Steam page where the game sits at "Mixed" with over 4,000 reviews posted.


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