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World Plays ESO is Two Months of Live Streams from Devs and Streamers

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Zenimax announced a two month-long celebration of Elder Scrolls Online with live streams from developers and streamers alike.

This two month-long celebration is meant to show off pretty much everything in ESO. This celebration is coming hot off the heels of the recent Blackwood chapter on both PC and consoles, in addition to the release of ESO Console Enhanced for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

This celebration will run through August 19 up to QuakeCon 2021. As to who you can expect to make an appearance, guests include Creative Director Rich Lambert, pro wrestler Nicole Savoy, ESO Stream Team members, and other special guests.

Content will include the base-game, DLC zones, and Chapter storylines, and activities such as Dungeons, Trials, PvP (Alliance War and Battlegrounds), crafting, Antiquities, Housing, and more.

You can check out the full list of streamers in addition to the full schedule here. The two month-long celebration will include various giveaways, game codes, collectibles, pets, and more. The team is also reaching out to the community to share their own experiences,

“Of course, we can’t celebrate everything ESO without involving our players and community, so we’re also inviting you to share your own adventures as we showcase the game’s different zones, activities, and challenges on Twitter and Facebook using the #WorldPlaysESO hashtag. Share your stories with us, and we’ll share your trials and triumphs with the rest of the #ESOFam.”

How long have you played ESO? Are you brand new to the game, or are you a series veteran? Sound off below.


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