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World of Warships Update Adds New Ships, Realistic Flags, and Lunar New Year Event

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World of Warships is getting into the Lunar New Year events celebrations. The latest update, 12.0, brings back a reimagined temporary battle type, Japanese Cruisers in the tech tree, new Early Access ships, and a new Pan-Asian commander.

Airship Escort is a new name for a temporary battle type that should be familiar for World of Warships vets. You'll have to escort an Allied Airship to the destination before the enemy  does. or, if you're looking for a fight, you can score victory by destroying all of the opposing ships. 

Also in the update is the addition of Japanese light cruisers into the tech tree. the new ships include the Agano, Okase, and Omono. These ships have a lot of torpedoes that can do a lot of damage, in addition to having range. so these could change the trajectory of some of your battles if this type fits a gap. 

The second week of the update also kicks off the Lunar New Year celebrations in world of warships. The Age of Sa Zhenbing collection will be introduced, with the new Commander representing a pan-Asian region. Celebration doesn't stop there, because there are a number of containers you can get your hands on, and several items added to the game, including Double Flavor Hot Pot, Braised Shrimp, and Braised Fish in Brown Sauce patches and the Dumpling camouflage for your ship, featuring a celebratory rabbit motif.

Early Access for US ships is also on the table, with Early Access set to begin on February 1st after players get access to the themed section of the armory. The New York Port has also been redecorated. 

All of the game’s flags got revamped animations to have more realistic movement, including lighting. One of these changes is also intended to make the flags look like they're made of real fabric. 

For all the details on the next big update, which is live today, and has these events and additions rolling out over the next few weeks, head to World of Warships.. 


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