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World of Warships Sums Up 2019 in New Video

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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World of Warships have published a new video taking a look back on 2019.

The video sums up a slew of new game modes, ship branches, covers off the official announcements of the submarine addition, consumables, improved matchmaking, spectator mode, CV improvements, updated AA defense mechanics, and a lot more.

In case you missed it, weekly combat missions and discounts are going on right now through January 2.

  • +200% XP bonus for the first win of the day
  • 1:2,020 credits for 1 doubloon
  • 35 Free XP for 1 doubloon when converting ship XP to Free XP
  • −60% to the cost of Type 1, Type 2, Type 5, Type 6, and Type 59 camouflage patterns in credits and doubloons in the game client
  • −50% to the cost in doubloons of economic signals in the game client


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