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World of Warships Sets Sail for Holiday Fun

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The latest update has been deployed to World of Warships. The patch includes "In the Name of His Highness" event that provides captains with a slew of challenges and missions that ultimately yield the German Premium Tier VI battleship, the Prinz Eitel Friedrich. Players can also find special containers from Santa that can contain raire premium ships, flags, ship camouflages and more. Containers are earned for both logging in and completing missions.

The "Belle Époque" Collection also arrives in this update, which is quite possibly the most beautiful collection in World of Warships so far. Through this collection, developers are paying tribute to the glorious historical period on the turn of the 20thcentury, a pre-dreadnought era when lavishly decorated coal-powered ships sailed the seas.

Those who earn the Prinz Eitel Friedrich battleship will be able to embark on the Might Prinz campaign that rewards captains with five researchable Tier VI ships with New Year-inspired camouflage patterns. The ships are: Hatsuharu, Nurnberg, Icarus, Dallas and Normandie.

Lastly, the Snowflakes event sails into the game where players can earn Coal and Steel by playing specially marked ships.

Learn more on the World of Warships site.


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