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World of Warships Rolls Out Black Friday Deals, Crates & More in New Update

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World of Warships has been updated to bring a large number of changes to the sturdiness of the game's Destroyers. These ships will become more durable in battle thanks to a series of buffs. Captains will also see "multiple changes to maps to aid in maneuverability and lines of sight".

Other WoWS in-game events of note:

  • the Halloween event is ongoing through Monday, November 26th
  • the Royal Navy event continues with the addition of more British ships, camo & more
  • Twilight Battles are added - 7v7 "slugfests where it's an all-or-nothing team deathmatch set inside ever-shrinking zones set on the haunting Halloween map"
  • Season 4 of Clan Battles begins
  • the Thunderstorm Front weather system
  • the Arsenal will see the addition of the French Tier X Battleship, Bourgogne

Lastly, Wargaming is ready to provide its community with a number of Black Friday deals and even specially themed Black Friday crates that can contain "all black camo patterns for ships, extra days of Premium playtime for earning XP and currency faster, premium ships and more".

Learn more on the World of Warships site.


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