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World of Warships Receives New Italian Warships in Early Access

6 new ships

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Update 0.10.1 for World of Warships brings with new Italian navy ships available in Early Access on the Live Server.

The update brings six new Italians warships in total:

  • Dante Alighieri (Tier IV)
  • Conte di Cavour Tier V)
  • Andrea Doria (Tier VI)
  • Francesco Caracciolo (Tier VII)
  • Vittorio Veneto (Tier VIII)
  • Lepanto (Tier IX)

These ships include semi-armor-piercing shells to deal significant damage to weakly protected targets, and a large number of guns, balanced by their shorter range and lower accuracy. They also include higher maneuverability and armor protection.

If you want to check out these ships, you’ll need Italian Tokens. You can earn these tokens by completing combat mission groups, a special chain of combat missions, from random bundles purchased with dubloons, free random bundles, Recruitment Point bundles in the armory and by completing combat missions from the official World of Warships streams.

Check out the video update below:


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