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World of Warships Receives German Destroyers

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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German Destroyers have arrived in World of Warships as part of their most recent update. You’ll be able to invest in new skill lines and more. Read on for details.

The tech tree for German Destroyers have left early access and are here in full launch. The Tier VII Z-31, Tier VIII Gustav Julius Maerker, Tier IX Felix Schultz and the Tier X Elbing are all available to research.

But just how do these German Destroyers differ from other ships? These ships combine accurate main batteries with destructive AP shells, combining high penetration and damage with enhanced shell ricochet angles.

Additionally, there’s an new Grand Battle mode which where main batteries take precedence over deck aviation. You’ll take the helm of new super battleships from a time where navies focused on pure firepower. You’ll have to command Tier IX-X ships, including super battleships, in a 9v9 battle with a limit of three super battleships allowed per side.

And which ships specifically will you command? According to the press release,

“Arriving on the seas is the Satsuma, a project modelled on the famous Yamato with whopping 510mm guns, and the Hannover, a version of the H-42 with 483mm guns, both in four twin-gun turrets. The Hannover’s secondary battery also packs 128mm calibre dual-purpose artillery.”

You can learn more about the update here. Just last month, World of Warships received the Longest Night of Museums a part of International Museum Day. And earlier this year, the Godzilla and Kong faced off.


Poorna Shankar