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World of Warships Ranked Battles and Sprints Outlined

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ranked Battles and Sprints were outlined on World of Warshipsblog earlier, discussing features, rewards, and more.

Described thusly, “Ranked Battles and Sprints are specific Player vs. Player battle types which have their own unique rules,” Ranked Battles contain the following features:
  • Battles are held on same-tier ships.

  • Your progress is designated by a number—a Rank. The higher the Rank, the better rewards you get. Players climb the ladder from their starting rank up to Rank 1.

  • Every victory brings the victorious players a star. Collecting the required number of stars earns you the next rank.

  • You lose a star for a defeat. As a result, you can lose ranks you've already attained, but not the rewards you earned for attaining them.

  • Some ranks are irrevocable and impossible to lose. These provide a safety net to sustain your progress.

  • Upon reaching Rank 1, you'll obtain the main rewards and finish the season.

Ranked Sprints, while a simplified version of Ranked Battle seasons, contains these features:

  • A Ranked Sprint has more irrevocable ranks than a Ranked Battles season, and requires fewer stars for progressing.
  • Sprints last for 10–12 days and are mostly played on Tier V–VIII ships.

  • They usually include 10 ranks and 21 stars. It's enough to play about 50 battles to obtain all the rewards.

  • You can participate in Sprints in a Division with your friends.

As for rewards, you’ll gain the following for Ranked Sprints:

  • You'll receive 500,000 credits for your first victory.
  • For several victories that follow, you'll be rewarded with combat signals—an excellent bonus that will help you in your battles for the next ranks.

  • Middle ranks will reward you with special signals, which significantly increase the amount of XP and credits you can earn.

  • Rank 1 will bring you 10,000 Coal. This resource can be exchanged for ships and various in-game items in the Armory.

Check out the full post with more details on rewards and ranked play here.


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