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World of Warships: Legends to Start Console Closed Beta on December 21st

Suzie Ford Posted:
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PlayStation 4 and XBox One players are invited to head to the World of Warships: Legends site to sign up for an opportunity to participate in closed beta testing that will begin on December 21st. Those who pre-register for inclusion in the CBT will be awarded "exclusive rewards for when the game launches later in 2019".

For the Beta, a contingent of Legendary Commanders will be available to helm vessels like the mighty Iowa and the magnificent Amagi. The Commanders will bring a varied and personalized approach to combat, with each instilling their own strengths, skills, and strategies to the ships at their command. Players can look forward to fighting with the heroic US admiral Norman Scott, the Japanese tactician Isoroku Yamamoto, and many more.

Several key features have been updated in time for CBT. These include:

  • daily and weekly combat missions with new ways to unlock rewards
  • voice chat has been added
  • the UI has been refined and improved for console users
  • in-game interfaces have been simplified
  • visual improvements have been added

Learn more on the World of Warships: Legends console site.


Suzie Ford

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