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World of Warships Legends Receives New American Battleships

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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New American battleships have arrived in World of Warships Legends. There’s also a bureau project, and a battleship tech tree branch currently in early access. Here are the details.

The new campaign is called "Georgia On My Mind" and introduces the American battleship, Georgia. She’s described as an Iowa-class battleship and features Georgia boasts a pretty zippy top speed for a battleship with six 18-inch guns. There are 100 milestones to complete in the “Georgia On My Mind” campaign and you’ll have five weeks to tackle them. If you finish the campaign with admiralty backing, you’ll earn the Georgia along with a pile of rewards.

New American battleships include Tier IV vessels in early access. Firepower includes ten 14-inch guns at Tier IV with Nevada. The top includes twelve 16-inch guns aboard Kansas at Tier VII. And just what are these ships? The new ships include Nevada, Tennessee, and North Carolina. You’ll be able to find them in early access through new USN battleship containers. Kansas, meanwhile, will set sail in the next update.

The Fourth of July is almost here in the States, and that means a themed project for World of Warships Legends. Via the press release,

“The Star-Spangled Fleet bureau project is here just in time for Fourth of July celebrations in the United States. Throughout this all-American project, there are free permanent camouflages for American battleships of both tech trees, but the ultimate prize is a free premium American battleship—Oklahoma. This is the sister-ship to Nevada and was one of the fateful battleships irreparably sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor and is brought back to fighting form in World of Warships: Legends.”

Check out the video below. And in the main game, check out the new German destroyers, in addition to the epic Godzilla vs Kong event which took place earlier this year.


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