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World of Warships Legends October Update Includes Halloween Event and More

Plus new campaign

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The October update for World of Warships Legends includes a New Destroyer Campaign and Halloween prep.

 First up, Italian Cruisers are making it. Originally, the Italian cruisers above Tier III came equipped with a standard Smoke Generator consumable, which allowed them to conceal themselves in the heat of battle. Now, they will have this ability replaced with a unique Exhaust Smoke Generator consumable.

Additionally, the new Steel Redeemer campaign is coming with the Tier VI destroyer Benham as the final reward. To unlock this ship, players have to complete 80 milestones of the Steel Redeemer campaign over the next 5 weeks with Admiralty Backing.

The entire Russian destroyer tech tree is getting a series of improvements this update to make them more approachable for players. Most notably, they will have their gun range and maneuverability improved across the board to suit their high-speed gunboat playstyle.

Finally, the Halloween update arrives on October 19. Players can brawl it out in a four-way team deathmatch for command of a sunken post-apocalyptic city to earn Tabz. In Rust 'n' Rumble battles, there is no hiding. Captains will have to play to the strengths of their chosen destroyers in a good old-fashioned battle with torpedoes, shells, and ships darting everywhere


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