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World of Warships: Legends Collaborates with Transformers in New Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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World of Warships Legends has announced a collaboration with Transformers (yes, those Transformers) as part of its latest update. Here are the details.

This is actually not the first time such a collaboration happened. Such a crossover happened last September. If you missed that, we’ve got you covered here. This year’s collaboration will mark the 35th anniversary of the animated film, THE TRANSFOMERS: THE MOVIE. During the collaboration, you can expect four new characters in Hot Rod, Grimlock, Starscream and Soundwave as you lead then in battle on the open seas.

Additionally, Soviet destroyers are arriving in Early Access as part of this update. These destroyers include Soobrazitelny, Boevoi, and Kiev. The three destroyers bring a twist on the Russian destroyers’ established playstyle and paves the wave for Udaloi at Tier VII coming in red hot in the next update.

Additionally, Arena is coming back into the fray with three timed seasons. Moreover, several balance changes were announced. For example, Japanese vessels see the following:

  • Tier VI Nagato

Maximum speed increased to 26 knots, rudder shift time decreased for both hulls from 15.2 and 13.7 to 14.4 and 12.9 respectively. Shell grouping increased by 2.5%.

  • Tier VII Kager?

Reload time of torpedo tubes decreased from 101s to 91s.

  • Legendary Tier Yamato

Shell grouping decreased by 5%, rotation speed of main guns decreased from 4.5 degrees per second to 4.

You can read the full patch notes here. You can watch the latest World of Warships Legends update below:


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