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World of Warships: Legends Celebrates Lunar New Year, Adds Ships, and Opens a New Campaign

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World of Warships: Legends is marking Lunar New Year with dragons and new goodies to get your hands on. The latest update, the Dragon Strikes Back, is bringing new ships, a new commander, themed skins, and more.

With the Lunar New Year celebration for the Year of the Rabbit, there are a number of new additions to reflect Pan-Asian content. For starters, the new Celestial Guardian dragon Commander guise, which comes with its own voiceover. Another dragon makes its way into the game with the Tier VII Premium Pan-Asian destroyer Northern Dragon. Northern Dragon will arrive on February 1st. Pan-Asian cruisers also have a new Commander option, Chen Shaokuan.

There's also a brand new crate reflecting the New Year celebration and several new skins that will apply to a handful of different ships that will let you celebrate the new year with your ships in style. You can obtain Chen Shaokuan from crates or for Commander XP.

February 1st is also the date when the Ranked battle season will begin. Wargaming promises more details ahead of the feature, but competitive options will grow. The update provides what the team describes as “as many as FIVE total seasons of Ranked battles and Brawl combined”, offering lots of competitive opportunities.

The new campaign, Gryphon of the Baltic, also opens for challenges and of course, rewards. Some of those rewards you can earn include insignias, crates, camouflages, credits, bonus XP and more. Additional rewards are available with Admiralty. 

New tier IV-VII ships are entering Early Access, and each of the new ships will arrive with both a personal mission and some heavy torpedoes. They’ll be in Early Access until the next big update on March 6th, when they’ll become researchable. Then, the Tier VIII Sejong will become available in this branch.

The collaboration with mobile game Azur Lane will also continue soon, with that returning next week, on February 6th. The update will add up to five commanders, new ships, new skins, and a new crate.

Read the full update details over at World of Warships: Legends.


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