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World of Warships Devs Detail Unique Characteristics of British Aircraft Carriers

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When the v0.8.1 update sets sail in World of Warships, players will be able to check out the British aircraft carrier line. In a new post on the game's official site, players can learn about the unique characteristics of these ships, including the Tier IV, VI and VIII ships, as well as the Tier X carrier, Audacious, that will launch in v0.8.2.

Some of the unique characteristics include:

  • ships will carry British attack aircraft that is "perfectly suited to attacking destroyers and lightly armored cruisers"
  • ships carry British bombers "with medium-caliber HE bombs. These aircraft can deal more damage than bombers of other nations"
  • torpedo bombers are maneuverable and fly at a relatively low cruising speed
  • Audacious will carry the "most durable aircraft in the game" with "large payloads of bombs and rockts"

Read the full list on the World of Warships site.


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