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World of Warships Celebrates 8th Anniversary and Adds Major Graphics and Audio Improvements

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World of Warships is getting into anniversary mode, as Wargaming marks the 8th anniversary with special bonuses and rewards alongside its new update.

There's a bit of an 80s theme to the anniversary celebrations, from the brand new commanders you can get your hands on, the birthday puzzle, and more goodies to celebrate. One of the ways to celebrate is to earn yourself some Festival Tokens. This is a temporary currency that you can use until the end of update 12.8. Collect these tokens and trade them for rewards like the  premium ship the French VIII Bayard, discount coupons on other premium ships, a permanent camouflage for the VIII Zieten,  containers, and more. The European Tier IX battleship Karl XIV Johan is also part of the celebrations, along with the three new commanders and more.

The latest update, 12.8, is a significant one. Not only is there new content to discover, the return of Airship Escort drops into Random Battles, and a major graphical update. That’s right, Airship Escort will be returnign in an improved form with drops in Random Battles. This iteration is open to all classes of ship from Tier VII to superships.

In order to get ahead, you have to beat the rival team to the end destination, but there's more than one way to win. There’s risk, but a team can actually destroy their own convoy in order to claim a win. The new version of this returning mode has updated routes, new spawn points, and has a whole bunch of new indicators and rewards. 

The biggest change in the update that you will notice if you've been playing World of Warships for a while is a major overhaul for graphics and audio. Not only does the game's fauna get updates, improved water animations and splashes are here, you'll see more birds or fish, and even sharks, as well as additional upgrades.

 The environmental updates are accompanied by audiovisual combat updates. This means better looking and sounding combat. All of these overhauls are going for realism, so the audio upgrades include things like mimicking the effects of hearing battle from a distance. You get sonic cues as well as visual ones.

See the full update notes at World of Warships.


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