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World of Warships Celebrates 7th Anniversary With Rewards, Overhauled Operations, and an Updated Roadmap

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 World of Warships is marking its 7th anniversary, and of course that means new rewards and ways to celebrate. There's also an updated roadmap, overhauled and returning Operations, and more.

Wargaming is commemorating the 7th anniversary by giving out several new rewards, with some special bonus, rare bonus, and super container containers available depending on the ship's you use as long as they are Tier V and above.

If you've been playing for a while, you probably have a lot of ships to use and you'll be able to collect multiple rewards in the same battle with all your ships. It’s one way to thank veteran players for their loyalty, while also spreading the rewards around in the community.

The anniversary also includes the new Warship Strike minigame, where you can take on the AI opponent and get festive tokens for victories. 

Alongside the anniversary festivities is some new content, including updated Operations. Operations have gotten an overhaul to allow a wider set of ships available to participate in them. The rewards have also changed, and you'll be able to take home new rewards more than once through daily and weekly combat missions. Several Operations also return, with “Hermes”, night operation “Cherry Blossom”, and “Engine Boost” playable once more.

There’s much more in the current update, which is typical for World of Warships. This sets up a packed September, with other content like new ships, including the American cruiser Puerto Rico, which is in the building process, and the British Battleships making their way into the tech tree. 

Wargaming also released a roadmap update for development work and overhauls, and what we can expect over the next few months. These include the upcoming addition of submarines into Early Access in Update 0.11.9 after a period of extensive testing. Japanese cruisers are also being tested, and they promise the return of a Halloween event next month.

For more, head over to World of Warships.


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