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World of Warships Begins Overhaul of the Rewards System, Adds New Event and New British Ships

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World of Warships will be adding some new British content, including some new battlecruisers in Early Access, new events, and an updated Port of London.

If you’re someone that loves some of the legendary British ships, this update brings the following new ships to earn to keep after official launch by playing through missions:

Indefatigable (tier III)

Queen Mary (tier IV)

Tiger (tier V)

Renown (tier VI)

Rooke (tier VII)


Duncan (tier IX)

St. Vincent (tier X)

This update also starts a new temporary event, Industry Titans, and marks the occasion with an updated Port of London. Here, the challenge is a collective one among shipyards. Chatham, Elswick, and Clydebank are all competing to be the best shipyard to serve the Royal Navy. You have to choose one of the shipyards to throw your support behind and each one will have its own reward. In addition to a different British commander for each yard, there’s a researchable Tier V British ship and an achievement.  

Another major change in this update is to the economy. The team at Wargaming is separating visuals and economic bonus. They want players to be able to select an economic bonus and a camouflage separately and to simplify the management overall. One of the reasons they're undertaking this now is that the game has been out for nearly seven years but the economy hasn't really changed much. This is an effort to take everything they've learned over the past years and update the interface, inventory display, end again,  and work to make everything a little more intuitive.

The World of Warships team is effectively revising all of the in-game rewards over time. Sometimes camouflages will now be supplemented or replaced with bonuses and containers that drop economic signals or camos will change.

There's a whole lot more in this update, and you can read the full notes over at World of Warships. 


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