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World of Warships and World of Warships: Legends Pack November With Ships, Treasure, and Submarines

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World of Warships  and World of Warships: Legends are each moving into November with some big updates. Both PC and console players will have access to new ships, the introduction of submarines into the PC tech trees, and much more.

The latest update on PC starts with some graphical improvements to both some maps and models. Several maps get visual overhauls, better vegetation models,  and improved textures, like “Mountain Range”, and “Strait”, and a more realistic aurora borealis comes to the “Northern Lights” map. Ships also get some visual boosts, with improvements to wetting effects and more realistic reflections.

If you’re more into the competitive play than what water looks like, there’s much in that realm too, with Wargaming adding six Japanese light cruisers into Early Access. These ships range from Tier V to Tier IX, and specialize in concealment and in long-range combat. Their guns are powerful, but take longer to reload, and the higher tier ships have access to torpedoes and other consumables.

Submarines are also now available with greater access, with both U.S. and German subs moving into the tech trees. German submarines are harder to detect and have a higher dive capacity but are slower to recharge while the US submarines have a smaller dive capacity but fast recharge.

World of Warships: Legends also brings six new ships for the British and French navies, and a new Japanese ship, the Tier VII destroyer Hayate.  Earn the Hayate as part of the Brewing Storm campaign. Console players can take on the challenges in the latest campaign, and there’s a catch-up mechanic to help. 

Also coming to the console seas? Pirates. They bring Treasure Chest crates, naturally, along with two new captains and two new ships. Legends is also beginning its Black Friday celebrations early, with both sales on shop items and a special mission through which you can get the Italian ship Dante Alighieri.

For more on the World of Warships PC update, read the notes here. For more on ships, pirates, and more in World of Warships: Legends, head here.


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