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World of Warships Adds Submarines As New Ship Type, With Several Events and a New Battle Season Starting

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World of Warships has a brand new update today that brings back the Halloween operations, as German and US submarines into Early Access, some balance changes, new content, and lots more.

Submarines have been in active development for some time, and this update brings them into the game after extensive testing as a new ship type. This is a significant update, with some technical changes needed to support the arrival of submarines. The first researchable submarines players can get include both German and US models. These models, in Tier VI and VIII will come in some sequential bundles in the Armory. 

For these, you will need Submarine Tokens, which you can get by completing personal challenges in the new update. There will be two separate bundles available. The first one will drop only US submarines and the second bundle will only drop German U-boats. 

You can also get submarines from new Submarines Containers added. The random bundles will also be stocked with chances to get Japanese and Soviet premium submarines, the VIII I-56 and VIII D-189 respectively, as well as camo patterns. Both of those premium submarines will eventually appear in the Armory in early 2023.

Linked to the arrival of submarines is Operation Wolfpack, a new operation that will help you learn how things work with subs. This will be a 7v7 battle with a group transporting valuable cargo and an opposing side trying to break through and destroy the enemy convoy. During the operation, the submarine squadron will also get air support. This operation will begin two weeks after the update.

With such a significant update, there’s also the start of a new ranked battles season. Season 9 is now open, with the opportunity to earn doubloons, steel, camouflages, special containers, and bonuses. The format is 6v6 and for gold, silver, and bronze leagues, there are some tweaks from previous seasons.

This update also opens up the start of this year’s Halloween events and Operations, Saving Transylvania and Sunray in the Darkness. There will also be a return of the Twilight Battle temporary mode in two weeks. This is coming back for the first time since 2018.

For full details, read the extensive update notes over at World of Warships.


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